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Cellpro 10XP Charger - DISCONTINUED
Cellpro 10XP Charger - DISCONTINUED

Cellpro 10XP Charger - DISCONTINUED


Product Details

Lots of reasons to recommend this charger. We particularly like having the option to charge 2 packs at once during Field Day, DXpeditions, or Emcomm activities. With this charger you can charge with up to 15 amps. And we put PowerPoles in place so you don't have to and include 2 wire harness adapters that connect to our A123 battery packs. Here's more information on the 10XP from Cellpro: In addition to all the great features found in the original Cellpro 10s charger, the new Cellpro 10xp adds multi-chemistry charging capability, much higher charging power and automatic charge/discharge-to-storage cabability. With support for up to 15A max charge rates, and AUTO Charge rates (1.0C, 2.0C, and 3.0C), the CP10XP is capable of safely charging individual or multiple battery packs. Charge single Li packs from 1s-10s or two packs of 1s-5s simultaneously. Because the CP10XP can output up to 600W or power (@ 30V DC input), it's also a great solution for parallel charging of LiPo packs. And because it supports multi-chemistry, it can also charge NiCd and NiMH – up to 28 cells (non-balanced) and Pb (Lead) – up to 24V. The Cellpro 10XP also sports advanced features like multiple real-time data screens, individual cell IR readout during charging, Power Management features like adjustable input current limiting and low-voltage shutdown (to protect your existing power supply), free PC Charge Control Software (CCS) when using the FUIM2 or FUIM3 PC USB interface (available separately), and more. With the FUIM2/FUIM3, the Cellpro 10XP charger supports 2-way PC communication. Use the CCS to update firmware, set Power Management parameters, alter charger options and create, upload and modify up to 10 user presets. If you are looking for a simple, customer-friendly charger in the 600W class, this is the one.
Cellpro 10XP User's Guide