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By popular demand we've taken the standard Buddipole™ and made it more compact. Now you can get the same quality and performance as the standard Buddipole™ in a compact package that measures only 13" in length. The difference here is that the 2 longer arms (22" each) of the standard Buddipole have been replaced by 4 smaller arms (11" each). This allows for a much more compact package which easily fits inside a small daypack or travel bag.

The Mini-Buddipole comes with the following items:

Padded cordura antenna bag
11" anodized aluminum arms (4)
Adjustable coils (2)
Versatee (1)
Telescopic whips (2)
Quick-feed coax assembly
(25' or optional 50' length)
3 coil clips (placed on coils at preset marks)
The Rotating Arm Kit (RAK) is NOT included
(see accessories page)
Antenna operating manual.

The antenna sets up in minutes and when fully extended is approximately 16' from end to end.
The combination of the assembled length as well as the high-Q adjustable coils and offset-fed design make the Buddipole a very efficient portable antenna for 40m - 2m.

The power rating remains the same at 250 watts PEP. Weight is approximately 2.5 lbs. Antenna arms come standard in black anodization.
Power rating: 250 watts PEP
Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.2 kilos)

Portfolio Bag Size: 9" tall by 14" wide