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Vertical Antenna Clamp
Vertical Antenna Clamp

Vertical Antenna Clamp


Product Details

Vertical Antenna Clamp This 2.5" clamp (opens larger than the standard clamp) is superb for mounting the Buddistick (or any small vertical antenna) onto a picnic bench, apartment railing, or hotel window sill.

The clamp is designed to allow the antenna to quickly adjust to any angle with a quick turn of the knob.  This is particularly useful when working from a hotel or apartment window where vertical space is limited. It has a near endless range of adjustability making it the most versatile small antenna clamp we've ever seen.
Please Note: The Vertical Clamp comes with a 1/4" x 20 threaded stud (as seen in photo at TOP of page). The Versahub is needed to secure the antenna element as well as to accommodate radials and a BNC connector for the coax feed.  The Versahub is sold separately on the accessories page.